Thursday, March 25, 2010

I caught me a leprechaun.

This is a true story.

And while I do not personally know the characters and I heard the story third or fourth hand, it's far too hilarious not to share. I mighta made up the guy's name too, but the story is true.

Jimmy has Down's Syndrome. He's a large young adult who, though unable to hold a job, is capable of staying home during the day while his mother teaches at a local school. He knows the rules: do not phone mom at work unless there is an emergency.

One day last week, just after St Patrick's Day, mom's cellphone rang in her class.

"Mom!" she heard when she answered, "You have to come home. I caught me a leprechaun!"

Mom did her best to settle Jimmy down and explain that all would be fine until she got home after school.

But after the third or fourth call in a very short time exclaiming that she really did have to come home cuz, "I caught me a leprechaun!" mom decided she'd better abandon her class and make the quick trip home to settle Jimmy down.

Jimmy met his mother at the door. "Come quick to my room, Mom. I caught me a leprechaun!"

Once inside the bedroom, Mom quickly realized Jimmy had obviously captured his leprechaun in the closet, as he had it all barricaded off with his dresser and anything else heavy he could find.

Jimmy could barely contain his excitement as he danced up and down while Mom set to moving the dresser and other items away from the closet door.

Mom opened the door and there, hunkered in the corner of the closet, was a dwarf who will from this day forward, think twice about going door-to-door selling his religion or anything else for that matter.

Within minutes of writing this post the hits on my blog tripled - many visits coming directly from Google with people searching for various forms of "leprechaun, downs syndrome, closet". Naturally this raised my suspicions as to whether the story was indeed factual. I did a Snopes research and alas there is no proof it's true. However it's still funny, so I won't remove it.

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