Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from the A&L Ziemer household.

Ah Christmas! The wonderful time of year when we take time to reflect on the goodness and love of Our Father who saw fit to bless us with a saviour - a means of reconciliation with Him.

And of course it’s that time of year when we also reflect on our own lives as we consider the events of this year that is now closing and look forward with anticipation to the coming year. It also is the time of year when we feel the urge to bombard our friends and family with the fluffy details of those events. And thus, here is your annual update on the inner workings of the Albert and Liana Ziemer family.

What year 2008 has proven to be. (I believe I started last year’s letter much the same way.)

A few days into January Ken and Jade unexpectedly moved into our house for about two months. With Jed back living with us, this created a crowded nest but it was a great opportunity to really get to know Jade.

Meanwhile we were trying to make some decisions as to Jed’s long term living situation.

In February we purchased a small 2 bedroom home down the street from us and after a few renovation adventures, Ken and Jade moved into it.

March was filled with blessings. We thank God for the government grant we received that would allow us to convert our open basement into a suite for Jed. While it was an adventure of hoop jumping and paper filing and a bit labour intensive for Albert and his trusty sidekick, Jim, Jed moved into a great little suite in November. It’s complete with his own kitchen and laundry facilities. An added bonus is the small addition for his entrance has expanded my dining area upstairs and created the need for new siding. Yay! I finally got my moss green house. God is good.

Ken bought Jade a diamond ring for her birthday in March and quickly plans for a July wedding began to unfold. They also set to work on turning us into grand parents and by the end of May we knew that we will able to cuddle the little bundle of joy sometime around February 23rd which is Great Grandpa Z’s birthday.

My event-filled life began to catch up with me, and in May I ended up on high blood pressure medication. I find taking one little brown pill each morning to be an easier alternative to losing weight and cutting salt, wine and stress from my diet. Of course in the process of being put on medications for life, one must endure routine health checks and tests and I was scheduled for my first ever mammogram in August.

In July we were blessed with absolutely perfect weather for Ken and Jade’s medieval wedding. I am probably marginally biased, but that wedding was the party of the decade. My condolences if you missed it. And if you were there, thank you for participating with us. Most guests were dressed in appropriate attire and the wedding party looked spectacular. It was a great casual yet organized celebration that lasted the full weekend.

In August, Brandi and Kore bought a nice end unit townhouse in Kamloops and both started new jobs that are working out well for them. It’s nice having them a little closer and easier to visit - although I may never get back to Ikea and the Olive Garden again now that they are no longer in Vancouver.

My August mammogram showed a small lump in my left breast. This was surgically removed in October. When it was confirmed cancerous, the surgeon went back in two weeks later and did a wider excision to make sure all offending tissue was removed. Because of such early detection the prognosis looks great. I will be on Tamoxifen for five years but was able to avoid having chemo or radiation. October is breast cancer awareness month and let me tell you, we became aware.

In November Brandi and Kore got a new car and took it for a little test drive and showed up on our doorstep for a quick surprise visit. It was great - and definitely a surprise!

November also saw Jed get settled into his suite with his new cat, Tiger. He has We Care Home Services come in for a couple of hours each morning, so that takes a huge burden of responsibility off our shoulders. Of course Albert and I are still very involved in his days but there is now some breathing space and routine back in the lives of all three of us.

Our term as landlords was short lived, and in December Ken and Jade bought the small house from us - another released responsibility.

I also have undergone some tests on my ovaries in December. While my right ovary is significantly enlarged, no one has kicked into panic mode just yet and it will remain “under observation,” - meaning regular ultra sound screening.

So yeah, there is never a dull moment. Some days I just yearn for a dull moment.

We are looking forward to being Granny and Grampy in 2009 and we have our hopes, plans and pennies leaning towards finishing the Newfoundland portion of our cross Canada trip sometime in the summer.

Merry Christmas everyone! May you be keenly aware of each blessing of 2009.

~ Love Albert & Liana

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