I Kill Poinsettias

Most years I order at least one poinsettia plant from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fundraiser. Most years I kill it long before Christmas. Last year was the exception. The plant remained lush and beautiful long into the new year.

This year I picked up 3 white ones for the church a a lovely red one for my home. After about a week to 10 days mine started to look a little bit sad so I took it from it's place in the window and set it on the floor in precisely the same position last years plant thrived so well in. Within a few short days it was looking like... well, like this:

I think perhaps it's time to head out to the shed and find the storage bin containing my total score from last New Year's Day:

I figured I'd better scoot on over to the church and take a peek at how the white ones are doing. I'd be totally humiliated to walk into the church on Sunday to find 3 similar looking twigs in pots up on the stage. It's not like it's my fault - they just die on their own. But I'd feel responsible none-the-less.

The plants at the church sit in the dark most of the week. Perhaps that's the key to success, because they look absolutely marvellous.

Next year I will just donate cash to CF and stick to my made in China vinyl variety to beautify my plant killing home.


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