A most perplexing riddle for you....

What do the following items have in common:

23 empty water bottles
3 full water bottles
2 ghetto blasters
1 clock radio
3 pair of scissors
17 pens
1 empty soup can
1 serge protector extension cord
4 socks
5 small stuffed dogs
1 large stuffed whale
1 magnifying glass
2 cordless drills, complete with their chargers but no cases
2 paring knives
1 Tupperware bowl with unidentifiable green fuzzy contents
2 boxes of 200 Christmas lights
8 DVD's and CD's
2 books
1 first aid kit

I'd be willing to bet that your first guess is not the items found in my son's bed when I cleaned his room yesterday.

Jed flew down to Vancouver to spend a few days with Brandi and Kore and I decided to overhaul his room while he was gone because the basement renovations are starting this week.

I know you think I am exaggerating. And I know you think I said "items found in my son's bedroom." But no, I said "in my son's bed." And I am not exaggerating. As a matter of fact I stopped way short of filling the actual list which also included 2 heating pads, 3 pillows, a quilt, 2 toy cars, a dozen feet of "Do Not Cross" yellow tape, 2 pair of sunglasses, 3 toques, 4 baseball caps, peels from at least 2 oranges, a full container of applesauce, 2 tape measures, 37 pocket sized Cougars 2007/08 schedules, 1 screw driver, 1 dog nail clippers, a ziploc bag of dice, a calendar...


mari said…
You guys have a dog? (the dog nail clippers...)
elzee said…
Just Sergeant, the little black mutt who looks like a bear. But she's been living out at Grandma Z's since we went on our trip last year.

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