Friday, November 12, 2010

Avalina, Jesus, Elliott, Zeke & Quinn - Ahhh, baby fest!

Yesterday was a busy day. It started off with a family breakfast with Granny, PaPa and Xander and his parents. I was puttering in the kitchen getting the coffee on when I heard a wee knock at the back door at 8:45am.

"Hell-oooo. Hell-ooo-ooo." I call out in a not-quite-singing-not-quite-baby-talk kinda voice as I head towards the door. Of course my eyes are pointing down to about 25 inches up from the floor, where I expect to see Xander's chubby little cheeks, as I open the door with a big smile on my face. Which was immediately replaced with a sheepish grin as I gaze into the knees of Troy, our drywaller, who has arrived to work on our new bathroom. I slammed the door in his face.

Poor guy didn't quite know how to respond as I reopened the door with a, "Hmmmmpft! You're not Xander!"

After breakfast I was off to the church to decorate and set up for our fundraiser-dessert night-silent auction. My afternoon was filled with a baby shower for little Avalina.

Later, I was in the middle of assembling Mary, Joe and the Holy Babe with yards of muslin fabric and a gallon of white glue when I got a text message informing me that Zeke and Quinn were visiting little Elliott and it was the perfect opportunity for this great Aunty to get her first snuggles with the matching little cutie-patooties.

I finished up with the Holy Family and washed up. I momentarily considered changing my clothes before heading up to Ray & Jesse's house where the baby fest was going on, but I glanced down and a quick assessment told me I didn't look too bad.

Of course I should have realized that glue dries clear. I was half way up the Hart Highway when I rested one hand in my lap while the other one drove. What the?!? It was then I realized that the glue I soaked my craft fabric in to stiffen it, could also stiffen denim and t-shirt knit. By the time I arrived I was fairly stiffened into a driving position.

But alas I managed to break free enough to snuggle in with the most amazing little matching human beings. I'm so glad they invited me to get my first visit in the calm serene surroundings of Jesse's home rather than having to fight off the crowds that are sure to assemble tomorrow night at the public meet-and-greet.


Then as a little PS to this story, I have to share how blessed my heart feels when I drive home from the Hart, which is beautiful under it's fresh blanket of white, to have my lovely little still partially green birch tree greet me in the front yard. Oh green-ness, how I love thee!

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b said...

all those babies! so cute:) And Joseph & Mary and baby Jesus are looking pretty spiffy too

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