Sunday, October 10, 2010


I was gonna blog a nice sentimental "Happy Thanksgiving" piece about living a life of thankfulness and all the things we have to be grateful for. But alas something funnier came up.  :)  Whew!

It amazes me how often during Sunday morning church someone's cellphone will ring. I love it when you get to hear a freakin' amazing ringtone like "Who Let the Dogs Out?" or "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" at the most inopportune time.

I was in a meeting one time where the speaker totally just humorously worked into the beginning of her speech a little exercise where she had everyone shut off their ringers ... this should be routine training in bible college.

But alas, just to cover my butt, I recently changed my ringtone to "Where is my Cell Phone?" a little ditty by the Veggie Tales (a nice Christian cartoon) originally called "Where is my hairbrush?" This morning, during Thanksgiving Service, I forgot to shut off my ringer. ... but seriously, this is not an issue because NO ONE calls me on a Sunday morning.

Enter the new world of texting....

"Ding da-ding" My phone vibrates and makes a relatively inconspicuous notification chime indicating I've received a new text message.

Now, way back in the 1990's if someone had something to say to you they could darn well wait until after church to talk to you. But here in the second decade of the new millennium, it's catastrophic if you don't respond immediately to the dinging of the electronic device in your pocket.

I pulled my iPhone outta my purse and read the screen.

"Ha!" I laughed louder than the ringtone. Then guiltily looked around and tried to inconspicuously respond to the text I just received.

It was Jed's new life skills worker.

He's young. Younger than Jed actually. But things seem to be going well and Jed seems to respond well to him so I've been happy so far.

Of course my initial reaction to seeing him message me on a Sunday morning of a long weekend was, "Shit. Maybe it's not going as well as I thought." ... yes, I thought "shit" while sitting in church.

Then I opened the message ....

"Hi my beautiful! I hope you slept well."

I responded "Ummm ... yes, I did thanks."

And then nearly peed myself waiting for him to realize he's texted his employer, not his girlfriend.

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