Monday, July 19, 2010

My Soul is Synced

I know I've mentioned it here before that drivers talking on phones, especially in parking lots, is one of my pet peeves. I was quite happy when I learned our province was going to be counted among those who outlaw such activity.

Enter Bluetooth.

As a side note, being somewhat of an etymologist, I had to find out where the heck the word bluetooth came from:
Bluetooth was named after Harald Bluetooth, the tenth century king of Denmark and Norway. He is known for uniting warring tribes of Denmark and Norway. Bluetooth technology was invented in Denmark and like the king, the technology is intended to unite several devices such as Mobiles, Computers.
My new Kia Soul came with built-in Bluetooth. This is a good thing, since even though drivers talking on the phone is one of my pet peeves, it's other drivers talking on the phone that bothers me and I'm occasionally guilty of such action.

My first encounter with having to answer an incoming call had me scrambling to find the 'receive call' button on my steering wheel amongst the stereo buttons, cruise control and horn which also adorn the wheel. I think I managed to stay within the lines of my lane of traffic, but I'll promise you more than one person would have suspected I was drunk as I yelled "Hello!" at the top of my lungs with my face pointed upwards towards the little speaker built in to the roof above my head.

How I managed to have that conversation and make it home safe I'll never know.

Then a few days later we headed out on our road trip to the Kelowna hospital with Suzy, Albert's GPS, securely mounted to the front windshield, and my phone all synced to my Soul.

An hour or so into the trip I got a phone call. Since Albert was driving the procedure went a little smoother and the two of us chatted with Jay, Jed's lifeskills worker. While we were chatting, Suzy declares there is an incoming call and I can see the hospital phone number on the screen. This sets me off scrambling once more (again, thank God Alb was driving) as I start telling Jay to hang up, just hang up, the hospital is trying to get through on the phone. He wasn't understanding me and kept on talking - to which I kept on freaking out.

Alb turns to me and calmly says, "That's Suzy, not the Soul, with an incoming call."


I'm fairly certain simply picking up a phone and saying, "Hello" would by far be the safe choice.

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Anonymous said...

My soul is synced. Who synced my soul? whoever synced my soul is a soul syncer :<{()~~~~~~~

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