Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bringin' back the 80s.

It was one of those "what were you thinking" moments. I seem to be getting them with increasing regularity. I often blame it on the drugs. It's probably just the natural aging process. While I am not a "senior" like my husband, I am edging closer and I seem to be caught in that period where I'll do something that definitely qualifies me as old - but then I realize it.

Sometimes I can catch myself in time to rectify the situation. Take for example a while ago I was clothes shopping and I actually held in my hand a pair of elastic waist pants. I know! Thank God the senior moment passed before I followed through.

Other times I don't catch myself quite so quickly. Take for example last week when I got home and looked in the mirror after making a last minute appointment to get a perm. I know! What was I thinking?

I think I was thinking about the last time I had a perm, 20 years ago when my hair was all one length and half way down my back. But somehow when your hair barely covers your ears and you perm it, it just shrinks up and sits on your head like an SOS pad, it doesn't miraculously flow softly down your back.

She told me not to wash it for 2-3 days so the curl would last longer. I washed it immediately upon getting home hoping it would 'relax' a little. It didn't. I'm hoping it does while knowing it won't.

Meanwhile, I just tell people I'm single-handedly bringing back the 80s. Next year it'll be shoulder pads ... mark my words.


Anonymous said...

you'll still bring me back ... even when I'm 80!

Anonymous said...

I always love reading your blogs ...... they make me laugh!!!

GraceeJ said...

All my pants have elastic waist bands :)

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