Sunday, November 8, 2009

Room with a view.

Okay, I've been home from the hospital for a week now so I guess I should be posting an update.

My room mate was discharged on Friday and was waiting for her daughter to come pick her up. I asked a number of nurses if I could scooch over to the window seat when she left. They all were agreeable to this.

When Michelle (my neice who works in housekeeping) popped in to visit me late in the afternoon my room mate still had not gone home. But Michelle agreed that if the woman left before the end of her shift she'd clean up the room right away and move me over and then clean my side. I knew it was extra work for housekeeping, but knowing I was going to be there a few more days I really wanted the window for the view and the extra space it provided.

The woman never left before Michelle did.

The evening housekeeping woman was not nearly as agreeable to the extra workload.

"I'd really like to be nudged over to that space when you are finished," I said to the woman as she wiped down the cabinet.

"I'd imagine the space is already booked," was her stern reply.

As quick as she could, she practically ran from the room stating loudly that she was going on a break. I'm not sure who the intended audience was, but she made sure I heard it.

Something must have been said to the very friendly nurse on duty who had already told me it should be no problem to move to the window. She came in a while later and said, "I have a plan to get you a window and it won't even look like your idea."

It turns out there were three rooms which each had one woman in them and there were two men expected out of surgery during the night. So they moved me to a different room with a vacant window spot, leaving my original room empty for the two men. My new room had a way better view, giving full vision of the city lights and the pulpmill spewing steam from its smokestacks as it churned out money.

My room mate in this new room went home Saturday morning, leaving me with a room to myself for the rest of my stay. Yay for aloneness.

My IV was removed and a pain killer was delivered via suppository. Apparently this is a fantastic form of quickly dispensing drugs into the system because it is not filtered first by the kidneys. It is also a fantastic way to get moving the bowels that have refused for 2 days to even pass a fart.

Let's just say I'm glad I had a room to myself.

AND I got to eat food for supper. Yay food! Ham and pinapple sauce, mashed potatoes, veggies and banana pudding. I inhaled it.

Xander came trick-or-treating that night and got a couple of toys from PaPa. It was hard to just look at him without being able to have him jump all over me, but I was thrilled to have him visit. Oh was great to see Ken and Jade as well. :)

Everyone left by shortly after 8 that night and the nurse came in to do my vitals. "There, you are done for the night, so you can settle in any time," she said. And I promptly fell asleep for three hours.

I awoke at 11 feeling wide awake like I'd had a full night's sleep. It was then I remembered it was time change night and in reality it was only like 10pm. While I dosed off a couple of times, I never did really sleep again that night.

I was glad I had the room to myself and I left the blinds open all night and watched the city lights and even some halloween fireworks in the distance. I was basically pain free and longing for a cheese burger.


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