Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Accomplishing things is not a requirement.

Sometimes you just don't get it the first time.

Which is why, the day after my venture to the library, I was up by 7am, had a shower and got dressed (which consumes an entire day's energy in itself) and went to have a visit with the girls at work. I was tired by the time I left but convinced myself this would be a good day to go check out Connie's new house which she has lived in for over two weeks and I have not seen yet. I was, after all, already in the car and already half way across town.

Besides seeing her house, I convinced myself it would be a good idea because I was hungry. If I went home I'd have to make something. But I knew Connie would have food. She always does. Just as I walked in her door she was removing a pizza from the oven. Good call.

I was pretty tired when I got home but rather than napping, I hauled out all my art supplies and spread them all over hell's half acre. (I'm not sure where that saying came from or what it really means cuz I'm sure hell is gonna be a lot bigger than half an acre. And my intended subject [my kitchen] certainly isn't half an acre.)

I know sleep or rest would have been my better option, but Friday nights have always been my "me time." It's the night when everyone else has a meeting, a club, a date or other such venture to occupy their time. I started working on my Christmas cards.

Later in the evening Xander came for a little visit and I sat on the floor and played with him for about an hour. I even sneaked in a little lift-n-hug now and then. This would make a good "What not to do" chapter in the Grannyhood for Dummies book.

And so Friday came and went without a single nap - not even any "lay down TV time." And it showed on Saturday.

I was in quite a bit of pain. My belly felt like it was in labour - funny since there is no womb to contract. And I was bleeding. Not from the incision. The incision looks fantastic and I have not felt any pain at all in the actual incision site. And here I thought I'd never have to touch another pad in my life. Damn. I know this is probably more information than you wanted to read but this paragraph is for my own personal record keeping.

Had it not been the weekend, I probably would have phoned the doctor. But I wasn't concerned enough to tackle the ER. Neither did I have the energy.

Sunday morning I mustered the energy to attend church for the first time in three weeks. But that was about all I managed to accomplish.

"Accomplishing things is not a requirement at this stage of the game," I told myself.

Ken and Jade had an extra long day planned at their Alpha group and needed someone to watch Xander from 5:30-9:00. I certainly wasn't up to it so PaPa got to take him to The Well when he went at 2:00. It was a long day for the Xman but as expected he did his PaPa proud.

And I slept.

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Anonymous said...

I am proud of ya, but get more rest dammit! so we can do Olive

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