Monday, January 7, 2008

And my gift is...

Last night I was multi-tasking: sitting at my computer and also directing Jed to get ready for bed.

He came an leaned on the back of my computer chair, as he often does just before he pokes a finger in my ear or gives me a whisker rub or some other gesture of affection. Of course leaning on a tilting chair abruptly interrupts my relaxed state and he receives my usual reaction. One I'm sure you can imagine without too much difficulty.

Jed says, "I'm only trying to kiss you goodnight." I allow him to do this, without further comment, and he leaves the room. Momentarily. About 8 seconds later he returns to stand beside my computer.
"Mom, is freaking out a spiritual gift?"
I glance over and see that he is serious.
"Cuz, I think that's your gift. Goodnight." And he was gone.

Now if that doesn't give a mother something to ponder...

1 comment:

carmenrose said...

That is so funny! I'm still waiting for the JedFiles to come out...when are you going to finish that book?

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