26 years of wedded bliss with the goatman.

Last week was our 26th anniversary. We went out for dinner to East Side Mario's which has recently opened in our neighbourhood. As I watched the building go up I was so hoping it would be a good Olive Garden substitute. It's not. To be fair, I can't complain. The wait to get in was shorter than OG. The food was good enough. Service was good. But over all it was "ordinary" I wouldn't hesitate to go again, but it wouldn't be my first option.

Anyway... while we were dining and looking lovingly into each other's eye I said to my husband, "We should buy a house." This comment even took me off guard. I guess the wine at Mario's was speaking.

Two hours later we phoned our good friend who just happens to be in real estate and 12 hours later we were viewing a house and making an offer. Now I've made some whim purchases in my life, but they don't usually amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are still sitting a few thousand apart between what we are willing to pay and what the seller is willing to accept, so it looks like the deal may not go through after all. But I do have an appointment with Darrell my good buddy at the bank. So we'll see.

Some nights I wake up at 3am thinking, "God, what am I doing? I hate having 1 mortgage, why do I want two?" And the next night I wake up thinking, "What if it doesn't go through? I already have the paint colours picked out."

Truly I am quite excited about having our own private episode of HGTV's real reno home makeover disaster. I hope it happens. But I don't see the big picture like God is capable of. If it truly is going to be a disaster, I hope He intervenes before it's too late. My banker phoned in sick today so our afternoon appointment was canceled. Is that an intervention?

Can you spot the differences? Haha. Twenty six years is a long long time.


mari said…
I'll give you a good deal on our house...
elzee said…
Is it 5 doors down from where I live?
carmenrose said…
awwww, I'm so little!
elzee said…
awwww... and I was too! (even at 5 months pregnant LOL)
GraceeJ said…

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