Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Ugly Parts are Part of the Beauty

One of the seasonal options with Art Class with a Wine Glass

I love my job. I really do. I am an art facilitator. At least that is the title I have come up with for myself as the leader of watercolour wine and paint nights. Not many people can say they created their own job from their hobby, and even fewer can say they go to work, drink wine, party with 5-18 fun loving women (and men) and come home with a pocket full of cash. And all this while picking and choosing which days you do and do not work. I am blessed, this I know. And I am grateful.

Being that autumn is in full swing, this large leaf is a painting I have guided about 30 to 40 people through creating recently. And in every group there are at least one, two or more people who start to stress about the way their colours are blending. Or not blending, whatever the case.

I always start by saying, "If you are frustrated with your painting, have another glass of wine." That usually works. But there are always a few people who need a little more encouragement to let loose.

I maintain that when painting something, you need a bit of time and distance. Distance because you are not going to view your finished painting from 8 inches away, the way your are when you are working on it. And time, because what you are obsessing over in this moment, you are not even going to think about in 45 minutes when you are stressing over some other detail you are trying to work out.  And next week when your painting is sitting on your mantle you will walk by and exclaim, "Holy crap! I can't believe I painted that!"

With this particular painting, I need to remind them it is a dead and dying leaf, it's not actually a picture of perfection. I challenge them to go for a walk (not right then and there, but the next day) and really look at the fallen leaves. They really aren't beautiful symmetrical specimens without blemishes. Without fail, every fallen leaf in nature has spots of blemish and rot and areas that aren't actually all that pretty in and of themselves. But stand back and take in the whole view, and the overall beauty takes your breath away.

It's quite a metaphor for humanity, I think. Up close and on intense inspection, as individuals, we all have rotting dying spots and lines where our colours don't match up neatly and we all have a few jagged edges. But step back and view the masses together, as a community, where each individual leaf contributes an equal amount to the overall beauty.

The ugly parts aren't even seen when you take in bigger picture.

Every blemished individual leaf contributes equally to the overall beauty.  

And check out Art Class with a Wine Glass if you want to contribute equally to my financial wellbeing while simultaneously having a super fun time and amazing yourself with your artistic ability. 

All paintings are designed so that ANYONE with zero experience or confidence can successfully complete them. It doesn't matter if you "can't draw an effing stick man"  (I hear that at least once at most art parties) because I don't make you draw an effing stick man. As a matter of fact, I don't make you draw anything. But I will help you create something beautiful. 

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