Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas 2009 Picture Book.

Christmas Day 2009 seen through the lens of my Canon PowerShot pocket sized camera that doesn't seem to want to focus properly any more. (It probably has a dirty lens) My new Canon Rebel is set for delivery on Monday the 28th - too late for Christmas but appropriately on my birthday, since it is my birthday present.

The Christmas season officially begins in our house when Mary, Jesus and the others take their appropriate positions.

This year we added a baby-friendly version of Jesus which usually had the camel or Jesus perched on the roof singing "Silent Night" when their heads got pressed.

Jed gave up waiting for his mother to decorate the exterior of the house and chose the coldest (-31) day of the year to hang his own mishmash of Christmassy glitz.

This year's wrap theme was black and silver with splashes of red. Everything must be in a nicely shaped box and nothing has names on it. That way no one knows who gets what and there is less shaking and squeezing, and no "Why does Ken get the largest gift again this year?" and "Xander has twice as many as everyone else combined." I leave these details to be discovered on Christmas day. And only I have the secret code which determine whose is whose.

There is another pile on the other side of the room for the mismatched and oddly shaped gifts.

Xander spends Christmas Eve with Granny and Uncle Jed while the adults have a games night at his house.

Disappointed that Xander would have Christmas breakfast at his own house, Uncle Jed decided to whip up a blueberry pancake breakfast for Christmas Eve bed snack before Xander went home.

Mmmmm. Yummy Uncle Jed.

Oops! Granny accidentally squeezed a giant blueberry. I don't know what scared him more, the shot in the face or Granny laughing hysterically.

Nana's annual Christmas crackers help to set the festive table.

The men get comfy with a rousing round of Wii golf before the hubbub begins.

A half sheet of plywood makes a handy table extension.

It never fails. The turkey takes down a half dozen full grown men in one fell swoop.

Everyone must amuse Granny by participating in whatever gift-opening game she dreams up each year. There will be no diving in and attacking presents. There will be no more than one gift opening at a time. You shall ooooooh and aaaaaah over every present. You shall participate. And you shall have fun, dammit!

Even the Cross family has learned that participation is in their best interest.

Yay! A bagel slicer. Just what I always wanted. oooooh. aaaaaah.

Yay! A Christmas sweater (a very cute one too) from Uncle Kore and Aunty Brandi. Let's try it on, even though it's 200 degrees in here.

And the game goes on.... and on... and on....

Occasionally Granny screws up and someone opens someone else's present.

Some things just have to be tried out right away.

A new soccer ball from PaPa! Yippee!

Xander gets into indoor soccer position.

And when he's older, Granny will get after him for kicking a ball around in the house.

Chillaxin' with PaPa and Grampy ... how much better can it get.

It was a big day filled with family, fun and food.
Thank you Jesus for being born.

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