Friday, November 23, 2007

It's for a good cause.

How many times have you justified a dumb decision with the reasoning that it's for a good cause?

Oh yeah, I'll buy a $100 Harley raffle ticket for Big Brothers. It's a good cause. Just don't try to analyze what BB does with all their money, cuz all the work with the children is done on a volunteer basis. Think of the billion-dollar fund raising they do each year, and the money they make through Value Village and other sources. You'd think they'd have a enough to pay the big siblings 20 bucks an hour and still manage to eliminate the wait lists they claim to have.

And that wacky-tabaccy, or other substance. You just had to smoke (inject, inhale, ingest) it, cuz if you hadn't, your friend would have inhaled the entire thing on their own. Then you'd be at fault for their overdose.

And what about that Christmas silent auction fund raiser at the church? Man, that'll get you every time.

There were a number of times during this evening when I thought, "If they were to suddenly end all bidding, I'd be in serious doo-doo." What possesses a person to sign their name beside a "Large Boston Pizza with up to 7 toppings" and then add a dollar sign followed by a 4 and a zero? Thank God someone was stupider than I.

And what if I had been successful in my bid to bring home a set of doll furniture made from purple plastic canvas?

God only knows what I would have done with a Kinesiologist gift certificate for $50. (I don't even know how to spell the freaking word, much less know what he's supposed to do for me.)

I was disappointed I missed out on the installed remote vehicle starter - good for diesel engines.

I'm looking at a stack of items on my kitchen table that include a 18x24 mirror. A hurricane lamp/candle thingy that I'm sure I have an exact duplicate of somewhere in my basement. A gift basket of raspberry syrup and stuff. Jed is sleeping with a new stuffed puppy- the kind that comes free with the purchase of 3 Carlton cards. I paid $27 for it. And I was the successful bidder on a shampoo gift pack. The shampoo looks like someone used it half-a-dozen times then donated 3/4 of the remaining bottle. The 'hair gook' which came with it is for shiny bouncy curls. Now there's a product that'll be useful in our house - me with 2 inch straight hair. Albert with none. And Jed who rarely washes his. However it did come with a $25 gift certificate for a haircut from a salon called "DV8". Yeah, Deviate is a place I want to attack my locks with scissors.

The auction was a huge success for the church. Our household is going to have to cancel Christmas, unless someone wants to receive some syrup or a used bottle of shampoo. And I pray my cheque doesn't bounce. But it's all good. It's all for a good cause.

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